Food packaging

We’ve been trying to cut visits to Sainsbury’s out of our lifestyle. Not only is it a just plain hideous, stressful experience, it freaks me out to see all the food packaging. Fran wanted some meat the other day. It was bad enough they have barely any organic, but the packaging was absurd. As a kid, I remember the meat coming in cellophane (and once purchased, said produce going into my mum’s basket, not one of millions of plastic bags), now it’s in cellephane, a plastic tray and quite possibly a cardboard sheath. Four tiny tiny little chops filled about 20% of the space within their tray – quite literally there was more plastic than meat.

Fran just sent me a link to a story from the Daily Mail. Not a paper I’d normally touch, but this piece, by Ginny Buckley, is suitabley righteous. She gives us such facts as “We fill 300million square metres of land each year and local government leaders are warning that we’ll run out of landfill sites within ten years unless we recycle more and throw away less.” Now if only that were enough to bring about some needed, genuinely radical legislation or change the habits of lazy, willfully ignorant people like my neighbour (who has managed to fill three wheelie bins this week – sure, she’s got three kids but that’s absurd. I can see all the cardboard and bottles etc in her bin bags. When I task to her about it, she just pleads “anything to make life easier”, but I argue the council take away recyclables in just the same way as general rubbish – you put chuck it out, they take it away. It hardly even requires any sorting).

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