Some pre-election thoughts from an ignorant foreigner

It’s election season in Italy again. (Though there always seem to be posters and graffiti up around Rome for some election or another.)

When I first saw this poster, and that name, I got felt queasy. It’s depressing to see the pickled Priapus, a man who’s a scourge on the integrity of the nation, back in action. While simultaneously on trial! WTflippingF? Italians – do the right thing! (Am I allowed to express this here, or will I be deported?)








Slightly more appealing is this image. Not because I know much about the Partito Democratico, but because it always makes me chuckle that they have a logo that, to a Brit, is instantly wrongly identifiable….












Of course, the PD’s leaves are olive, not tea plant tips.















Any huggy-huggy creepiness in this poster, meanwhile, is overridden by something else… if you’re a fan of Inspector Montalbano. Yes, this Zingaretti (Nicola) is the younger brother of Luca “Montalbano sono” Zingaretti. How much will the likeness, and the popularity of the fictionary Sicilian cop, affect voting?

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