Bread, cakes, ale and printworks

This isn’t about food, clearly. It’s about some wonderful prints we’ve recently acquired.

They’re the work of Russell Frost, a triple-nationalitied landscape architect, ale enthusiast, mean mandolin player and proprietor of Hooksmith, a small letterpress operation recently of Hamilton, New Zealand, but now based in NE London.

I noticed the “Fresh Tea Brewed Here” print on his site, and thought that’s something every self-respecting tea drinker should have in their kitchen. It also seemed a good idea to get a print made featuring the name of this blog, and those three great pleasures: bread, cakes and ale.

This is another one he included in the consignment, which is somewhat poignant for me as I do miss my bike. I’ve cycled all my life, in my hometown and during the 15 years I lived in London, but just do not dare cycle in Rome, an ancient city that’s perversely all about the combustion engine, and its dehumanising dangers. Never mind the state of the roads themselves…

For more information on Hooksmith and to contact Russ about commissions, head on over here.

[No idea why the portrait format photos rotate into landscape on clickthrough. WordPress doens’t play nice with portrait photos.]

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  1. frangipan

    I’d quite like to ride my bicycle too. But my husband says its too dangerous to do it in Rome. So I’ll also be staring wistfully at Russell’s lovely print instead. Funny that it took almost as long to find a frame to fit the prints and do them justice than it did for Russell to make them and ship them to Rome. There is a shop for everything in this city, a -ria for every eventuality, but perfectly sensible, normal-sized picture frames are as rare as hens’ teeth.

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