Quiet week

If it’s been a bit quiet round here this week, that’s because I’ve been baking even more than usual – preparing to open a stall on the market.

I’ve been thinking about such a venture for years, so I’m giving it a try, starting tomorrow. I’ve done some catering work over the years with my friend Dom, and we operated as The Wolf from the Door. I’m continuing to use that name (which Fran came up with) as I love the expression.

If you don’t know what it means, it’s a great English idiomatic expression meaning to keep hunger at bay. My mum – who has an idiom for pretty much every occasion – used it all the time when we were growing up, as me and my brother were constantly asking for something to eat, while we both shot up to be six foot-plus.

If you live in Sussex, specifically Lewes or even Brighton, please do come along and try my wares, have a chat. I’ll be in – or possibly outside – the Market Tower in Lewes as part of the Lewes Food Market, initially every other Friday, from about 9am to 1pm.

It’ll be a biscotteria – with an emphasis on Italian, or Italian-inspired biscuits and cookies, notably biscotti and almond-based items. But I’ll also be doing some other items, inspired by flavours from other cultures. A couple are even gluten-free, and I’ve made my Christmas biscotti vegan, so hopefully something for everyone.

Bit nervous. It’s all very well writing about this stuff online, but there’s a different kind of interaction, and feedback, in the real world!



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14 responses to “Quiet week

  1. Claire D

    Good luck with the market stall! If it tastes as good as it always reads you’ll be fine!

  2. Good luck!!! your bakes are fantastic, and I wish I were nearer to try them!

  3. Good luck Daniel with Italian-inspired market stall. It sounds wonderful. 🙂

  4. Brilliant! Good luck with it, it will all fly off the shelf I am sure. Keep us updated with progress.

  5. Phil B

    If I lived in Lewes I would bunk off school to come and taste your wares……good luck, I’m sure many wolves will be kept from many doors!

  6. Catherine

    Good luck Dan, I envy but admire you too! Bet you’ll do really well.

  7. How exciting! Wish I was closer – love the name (and the idiom) “Wolf from the door”, too!

  8. Michael Etherington

    Good luck, Daniel. I know how good the wares are. Michael

  9. Best of luck! It’s a bit of Lewes I like very much and have often bought tasty treats there. I’m sure you’ll do more than keep the wolf from the door…Sophie

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