Zombie cakes

Been learning how to decorate cakes. I’ve done some frou frou and flowers, so I thought it was about time I did something closer to my heart – zombies!

This project involved making six mini-cakes, themed around a festival… so my excuse is that it’s Samhain/Halloween, you know, the night when the barriers between life and death are at their thinnest, and the dead rise from their graves. So yeah, my cakes are ghouls rising from the ground.

Inside is fruit cake, all the rest is made from sugar paste and food colourings.

And here they are individually:

Anyone guess who this guy’s inspired by?

This one’s inspiration is a little more tricky:

And the inspiration for this one is pretty obscure (unless you’re a fan of a certain strand of zombie movies… ):

These last three were all a bit more ad-libbed. I’m particularly proud of this chap’s cranial occurence:

zombie cake brains


Zombie cake eyeball

And finally, a grasping zombish hand (cos we had to do at least 2 different shapes for this project).




I’m putting this here retrospectively to remind myself before I forget.
The first individual head is inspired by Michael Jackson’s look in the Thriller video.
The second is inspired by the Deadite version of Ed Getley in Sam Raimi’s 1987 classic The Evil Dead II.
The third is inspired by the poster for Lucio Fulci’s 1980 film City of the Living Dead. My friend Jamie also used the poster as inspiration for this book cover.
The character with the exposed brain and the one with his eyeball hanging out were more generic inventions. Ditto the hand.]

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One response to “Zombie cakes

  1. Sue Kavanagh

    Unbelievably good. Just wish my zombie knowledge was better. Think I’m gonna tweet this to Simon Pegg. He’s a massive zombie geek and might appreciate it!

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