Wheatberry tin loaves

This one is loosely based on a sourdough from The Ballymaloe Bread Book, but I varied it to use some other bits and pieces, and use techniques I’m more comfortable with.

It doesn’t use any commercial yeast, just a leaven – in this case one made with a strong white flour.

In a roomy bowl, combine:
150g wheat leaven
225g strong white flour
225g water (warm, but as this is a long fermentation, the exact temp isn’t crucial)
Mix and leave for around a day.

Then add:
400g wholemeal flour (I’m using stuff grown in Sussex, so it’s fairly soft, but works ok. Best of all, it’s milled on water-powered grindstones at Winchester City Mill).
50g rye flour
100g strong white flour
14g fine sea salt
150g (ish) of wheatberries – ie whole wheat grains that have been boiled until soft.
50g of butter, melted
225g water (warm, but again, as it’s a long fermentation, it just has to be suitable for encouraging the leaven’s lifeforms)
Mix to a good dough, and knead. I gave it a good initial knead, then did the Dan Lepard technique of three more short kneads, every 10 mins.

Scale into two pieces, rest, form batons, then put in two greased 2lb loaf tins.

Prove for around 5 hours (depend on the temperature of your room; my kitchen was only around 18c), then bake in an oven fully preheated to 220C for around 40 mins.

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